Episode 10.5 | Let’s hang out and talk about spirituality + Ordination Program + MORE!

Jewish Ordination Program! Take a spirituality eCourse with me! Lots of great updates on exciting stuff.

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Sponsored this week by Seth Adams and Kimberly Berry. Thanks friends!

Shout outs to Kohenet Ketzirah @ OneShul.org
Darshan Yeshiva Ordination Program. Get up on it! Learn more here: http://bit.ly/23iPdR2
Rabbi Sandy Zisser has taken over Darshan Training. Thanks Rabbi Sandy!

Perhaps you are like me…

…you share pictures on Facebook of inspirational quotes
…you like reading the wisdom literature of all different kinds of faith traditions
…you want to build a life of meaning around lots of practices like meditation, yoga, prayer/ritual, mindfulness, whatever words you want to use

And you want to do this while staying true to the tradition you grew up in (or are connected to). You don’t want to become a yogi unless you’re a Jewish yogi, for example. Or perhaps you were raised culturally in a religion and you’re looking for that religion to provide you with the Better Life of Meaning, but you’re not finding that in a synagogue/church/mosque or on the shelf of your local bookstore. Or maybe you’re a spiritual seeker but you just don’t know where to start.

I have something that will interest you. Practical Spirituality eCourse! 

As a rabbi, I draw from Judaism as the inspiration for the series. But anyone of any spiritual inclination can take the course. And yes, that includes atheists/agnostics/humanists!

Learn more here: http://bit.ly/22du9ZV